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your innovative partner for inductive heating systems located in the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe, one of Europe’s leading business and innovation region.

Alphotronic GmbH (Ltd.) has its focus on the developing and serial production of high-frequency generators (hf-generators) and medium-frequency generators (mf-generators) for customized induction systems for the metalworking industry and for the automotive industry with its numerous automotive parts suppliers. As a world-wide acting company, our induction systems are a quality connotation on all continents. We develop highly efficient induction heating technology for various industrial applications.

Our portfolio extends due to our specially developed and mass-produced high-frequency and medium-frequency generators (HFG & MFG) for any induction heating devices from furnaces (including gold, silver, platinum, for example for the jewelry industry), about casting plants, soldering plantss, compensation systems (hardening, tempering), forging plants up to special induction systems for special customer requirements with a capacity of between 10 kW to 500 kW and in a frequency range between 50 Hz and 2 MHz.

Our customers include major corporations such as automobile manufacturers, automobile parts suppliers as well as technical universities and small and medium-sized companies, so predominantly the metal and automotive industry.

In particular, through six decades of experience and the versatility of our induction heating systems we can respond to diverse customer needs, so that expand the range of applications of our induction heating devices steadily. If you also think about the use of an induction heating system, we will be happy to help you to work out a solution together. 

With our induction systems almost all metals can be heated inductively.
Among these are all non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, gold, silver, platinum, lead, chromium, nickel, zinc, tin, etc.) and all ferritic and austenitic steels (steel, stainless steel, iron, etc.). Not only metals also glass etc. can be heated inductively. For questions about the heating of your material, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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